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Alumni Gymnasium
Benjamin Mays Center
Carnegie Science Hall
Chase Hall
Hathorn Hall
Hedge Hall
Ladd Library
Lane Hall
Libbey Forum
Muskie Archives
New Commons Building
Olin Arts Center
Pettengill Hall
Florence Keigwin Amphitheater
Merrill Gymnasium
Moody House
10 Frye Street
161 Wood Street
280 College Street Housing
Astroturf Field
Bates College Chapel
Chase House
Cheney House
Clason House
Clifton Daggett Gray Ath. Bldg
Dana Chemistry Hall
Frye House
Frye Street Union
Garcelon football field
Hacker House
Hathorn Quad
Hayes House
Leahy Baseball Field
Library Quad
Mitchell House
Moulton House
Parsons House
Pettigrew Hall
Roger Williams Hall
Russell Street Soccer Field
Schaeffer Theatre
Shortridge Research Facility
Small House
Webb House
Wilson House
Bates-Morse Mountain
141 Nichols Street
110 Russell Street
Multicultural Center
Russell Street Track
Wallach Tennis Center
Squash Center
Underhill Arena
Museum of Art
Lafayette St Softball Field
Page Rugby Field
The Ronj
Rzasa House
Chase Quad
Bardwell Field
Lindholm House
55 Campus Avenue
65 Campus Avenue
Lake Andrews
Wentworth Adams Hall
Coram Library
Rand Hall